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A letter from Patrick M. Castleberry, President

Patrick M. CastleberryWe are a second-generation business process company. The first generation was network- and seat-based, focusing on records management. We are Internet- and storage-based, so we build very different customer relationships. We understand the challenges you face. We understand these needs and have developed ways to manage the life-cycle of your records, no matter how they were created.

But what makes us different is the way we look at records. We see them as components of the business processes by which you operate your company.

Today, your business processes are made up of emails, voice files, instant-message text, along with your documents, ERM reports, Adobe® Acrobat® PDFs and PC files. You One of our data centersneed to access them on your PC, LAN, and sometimes on a PDA or a mobile phone. These all combine to complete a picture of a business transaction. The information industry is changing fast, but we help you stay ahead.

We have an innovative point of view. We’re not stodgy. As a matter of fact, we enjoy what we do, swap ideas over the water cooler and get excited when we find new, cool ways to bring a solution to you. We’re always looking at the latest technology and how it applies to our industry. We’ve built solutions for web-based records management as well as installed systems. Every business has needs specific to their processes and structure.

We’ve been doing this at Critical for about 16 years now, and our customers have trusted us to manage over three billion documents. We’re good at what we do and know our business well. Call us. Find out for yourself how much more efficiently your business can manage records, how much more secure your records can be and how you can save your business some money.

Please contact us today for more information, and thanks for visiting.