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The heart of our business process applications is iMagio, a patented document management system hosted in our data centers and provided as a service to you, accessed from any web browser. Documents, whether paper or electronic, remain the most-used repositories of information in every organization, and they are the carriers of knowledge between the parts of a company.

Since the mid Fifties, courtesy of Delta Airlines, the hub and spoke model has been understood for its efficiencies in moving things, people, or information from one point to another, or to many. The model is common in data processing. Surprisingly, though, employing it as the basis of document-oriented business processes is less well understood, owing to a natural territoriality in the way documents are developed, used, and retained.

iMagio eliminates organizational silos of information and eases the flow of information throughout organizations of all kinds, resulting in process improvements and cost and access-time reductions.