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iMagio HR Records Hub

Create a Central Repository for all Personnel Documents

iMagio HR Records HubiMagio serves the complex and mountainous paperwork challenges facing the high-turnover gaming, hospitality, transportation, healthcare, and other growth industries as they wrestle with human resources documentation.

HR Records HubPartnering with First Advantage ImageLogix by HR Logix, we create virtual personnel files to manage employee paperwork and eliminate manual filing and related physical storage demands. We tie into browser-based employee application, job assignment, and job-notification solutions. The ability to define workflows to move documents around an organization makes it hard to overlook necessary approvals or to forget regulatory compliance.

Users add documents to employee les via e-mail, electronically by simply dragging and dropping any le to a desktop icon, or by fax for any paper documents. Throughout the employment life-cycle, ImageLogix provides automated workflows for those documents that require an approval or review process such as salary adjustments, disciplinary forms, or any company or job-specific forms that require sign-off by multiple individuals.

This web-based document management system manages, monitors and regulates who can access what types of documents and when, while ensuring consistency and standardization of required paperwork. By reducing the number of mistakes and mundane tasks related to manual employee paperwork maintenance, the HR Records Hub not only simplifies the daily job duties for HR staff but also increases productivity and overall job satisfaction.


ImageLogix Document Management System (pdf)

A brief video on scanning documents