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A Web-Based Platform for Mortgage Loans

mVaultmVault® empowers all participants in the mortgage process to submit and access loan documents securely via the Internet, creating an end-to-end paperless solution. Brokers and branch offices can easily submit and access content via the Internet, simplifying coordination with the corporate office. Lenders can offer borrowers the means to deliver documentation into the system for immediate processing. As a result, wholesale and retail lenders can dramatically improve their processes by 35 percent or more while reducing the costs associated with origination, closing and shipping paper files by more than $100 per loan.

mVault supports electronic delivery of credit, closed, trailing, and all portions of a loan file to over a dozen major investors and due-diligence providers, eliminating virtually all paper-based photocopy and overnight delivery costs. mVault electronic deliveries are fully indexed and conform to each investor’s imaging specifications, facilitating purchase review and eliminating non-indexed (blob) electronic delivery delays.

mVault’s distributed capture and exchange technology enables clients to move loan documents quickly through due diligence and delivers value by reducing the costs of copying and moving paper files across the country. mVault clients achieve substantial gains in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

One client has managed to eliminate many hard costs, including express mail, preparation time, and trailing document costs, producing noticeable boosts to their bottom line. In addition, they are saving innumerable hours in completing tasks, shaving minutes and hours from processes by using mVault’s distributed loan capture and desktop loan capture suite. By utilizing mVault’s decentralized distributed processes, they have improved their ability to compete in every market they enter, enabling them to grow as quickly as their opportunities dictate.

mVault Overview (pdf)
mVault for the Risk Assessment Industry

A brief video on scanning documents