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Your Nonstop Route to Proving Compliance

AirVault Mx Records Management is a browser-based, online service that manages aircraft maintenance records and the business processes around them. AirVault is offered with reasonable monthly billing, fast implementations, OCR, forms recognition, and 24 hour turnkey indexing services, all with no incremental investments in hardware or software. AirVault's platform provides controlled, secure access to the maintenance records retained by airlines and their MRO, OEM, PMA, and other partners.

You may grant the FAA, NTSB, CAA, EASA, your leasing partners, vendors, and other third party servicers, controlled access to the system as you deem necessary, and at no additional charge. AirVault provides a complete solution for your maintenance records management needs. AirVault's browser-based management, capture, and administration tools, and its industry specific business process workflows, unlock the hidden value of your maintenance records and help you prove compliance.

AirVault is a robust, proven platform with over 20,000 active users managing over three billion mission-critical records in our twin, fully redundant data centers. Our data centers comply with PCI and HIPAA requirements and pass regular SAS 70 Type II audits.

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