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Support - FAQ

What is iMagio?
iMagioiMagio is Critical Technologies’ software platform developed to safely manage, route, and securely retain business records. iMagio is a unique enterprise content management platform that allows the user to access their business record repository via the Internet.

What are the recommended system requirements?
iMagio Toolbox requires Microsoft .NET framework 1.1 as a prerequisite to installation. Recommended system requirements for an end user workstation are as follows:


2 GHz or higher
Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP/SP2
RAM Requirements

512 MB or higher recommended

Hard Disk

Hard disk space required to install: 200 MB

Minimum hard disk space required to run the iMagio Toolbox: 100 MB

Consider making this a generous amount of space. iMagio requires additional cache space for scanning.


Video: 1024X768 or higher, 256 colors, small fonts

Input Device
Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later is required
Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 is required for indexing lookups
Microsoft 1.1 .NET Framework
For logging purposes it is recommended that the event log on the machine be set to “overwrite as needed.”

What are the benefits of iMagio?
There are many benefits to iMagio. The ones mentioned most by our clients are:

  • Ease of use and flexibility of platform.

  • Ease of integration with legacy systems

  • Affordability

  • Speed of deployment

  • Speed of training

  • Reduced IT burden

  • No additional hardware or software necessary

  • A reliable and powerful alternative to expensive in-house document management and workflow systems

  • Solves disaster recovery and business continuity demands

  • Safe and secure internet access to your records

  • An essential tool for improving business processes with electronic workflow

What type and size of business or organization could best benefit from iMagio?
iMagio is ideally suited for businesses with high volumes of records, with business offices in multiple locations, and with many employees creating and receiving new records from a variety of modern software applications such and in a variety of modern formats, .

How is iMagio better than similar services?
More and more businesses are finding that their records management and workflow systems must be electronic and paperless. As businesses transition to wholly paperless environments, iMagio can manage your remaining paper files, PC files, ERM/COLD reports, instant messages, images and more in easy-to-use and access repositories. Retrieving your information is quick and simple. A short deployment time, fixed monthly and annual costs, elimination of ongoing hardware and software and internal IT support costs make iMagio a most cost-effective solution. Times are changing fast and Critical’s Product Development Team is always working on the newest technology to keep up with your business needs.

What companies currently use iMagio?
iMagio clients include industry leaders in airlines, banking and financial services companies, universities, third party administrators, and government agencies among others. iMagio is suited to any business that needs to manage documents and records. Your Account Manager can provide more information on our clients and their satisfaction with iMagio.

Is iMagio secure?
Yes. Our web site is protected by sequential firewalls. If our primary firewall fails, the secondary will immediately take over the task. Our site is secured using an Entrust Certificate Server - the leading provider of trust services for electronic commerce and communication. The iMagio Security Group is responsible for creating procedures and standards to enforce our security policy. This group stays current on new technologies, software, and security threats. They work with outside security consultants and engineering units to ensure that appropriate security controls are in place. Moreover, all records traffic is encrypted over the internet. In addition, all records are kept in triplicate, two electronic versions in two data centers, and one encrypted tape version stored offsite with Iron Mountain. Finally, our data centers are evaluated every 18 months by an independent certified public accountants who render a written report, available to our customers and prospects, known as a SAS-70, Type II audit report. Each report confirms the integrity and security of the iMagio System and our data centers.

Will other people outside my department be able to look at my records?
Only with your permission. Other individuals may view your images and records only if your system administrator has granted them access rights. When users login to iMagio, they see only the ion of repository categories for which they’ve been given permission to access.

Are the images of my documents backed up or copied in any way?
Your records are stored in full redundancy in two geographically separated data centers, one in Dallas, Texas, and another in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Critical Technology also uses a magnetic “RAID array” (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). RAID technology provides for safe and continuous backup of records. In case of a disaster, your images, records and database indexes are automatically rebuilt. iMagio also makes scheduled backups of your images to tape for additional security. You may optionally require your images to be written to CD-ROM for additional security.

How do I know my scanned and indexed documents or uploaded files actually arrive at iMagio?
When your documents arrive at the iMagio storage repository, your electronic document package is unwrapped and audited to verify that each record sent was in fact received. . You can immediately confirm receipt by accessing the records normally, or access system dashboards that confirm receipt and normal processing of records. In the event you cannot locate a record, our customer support can locate the record in the unusual event that a record appears lost of misprocessed. It has been field tested by many large corporations for several years and found to be highly reliable.

What happens if iMagio has a disaster at its data center?
Critical Technologies ensures that disaster plans are regularly reviewed, updated and tested to counteract and prevent interruptions to business operations, enabling the rapid recovery of systems in the event of a disaster. Also, since all records are kept in full complement in our two data centers, either data center can support the iMagio system independently. Finally, our two data centers are separated by 200 miles, and are located in the middle of the United States in low-risk earthquake zones.

What happens if “my” Internet connection goes down?
iMagio's connectivity and reliability of transmission and receipt of data stays at 99.99% during any 12 month period. However, if your internet service goes down, iMagio is designed to allow you to continue process work locally, and to transmit all processed work immediately upon the resumption of your internet service. However, iMagio will not improve your existing network reliability, or the reliability of your ISP (Internet Service Provider). We can evaluate your internet connectivity as part of our service, and recommend local system improvements and new ISPs to you in order to ensure reliable and fast internet connectivity.

What happens to my images and records when my contract expires?
If you renew your contract, all images will remain online. If you choose to end your contract with us, we will write your images and indexes to searchable CD-ROMs, DVDs, or portable drives, and deliver them to you promptly for a reasonable fee.

Can I store electronic documents on the iMagio system?
Yes. iMagio allows you to index, store and retrieve not only PC files, but emails, instant messages as well as images, video, audio, and graphics files. Any type file format can be stored safely and easily retrieved on iMagio. To view these files, you must have the specific software installed on the desktop PC, just like you’d need to open the file for reviewing. For example, if your document is a Microsoft® Excel® file, you must have Microsoft Excel installed on that machine to open and view the file.

Can you help my staff if we have scanning or retrieval problems?
Yes. iMagio provides online and toll free customer support from 8 AM Eastern Standard Time to 5 PM Pacific Time. Help is never more than a phone call or email away. Your Account Manager has details on Help Desk Support as well as the many other Professional Services that Critical has available for support.

How does iMagio protect my information?
iMagio takes security seriously. We use the latest Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to make all session transactions secure. All data is encrypted when sent over the Internet using 128-bit SSL between our servers and your browser. By design, iMagio’s data access is granted only after a user has been authenticated by password. Other direct attempts to gain access to the data will not be allowed by the system. For more information on security, contact your Account Manager.

Can you detect if someone tries to break into the system?
We use intrusion detection technology from Cisco System to actively monitor our network and web servers for any unauthorized or unusual activities. Our security engineers and administrators are automatically notified of any security violation attempts made to the system. All firewall and security logs are monitored on a daily basis. iMagio servers are located in a secure data center. iMagio has a full redundant architecture, High Availability (HA) data center, utilizing Compaq or Dell servers and SAN's, Cisco routers and SQL database software.

What if one of your servers fails?
All equipment is fault tolerant including servers and backbone LAN/WAN equipment. iMagio data storage system utilizes RAID 5 and RAID 10 disk fault handling that allows data to be available even during a partial drive failure. iMagio also has hot-spare servers and a full compliment of parts. We have fully redundant communications to Tier-1 Internet Service Providers for fault tolerance. Also included in our system are fault-tolerant power systems which use facilities-based AC/DC battery back-up and diesel generators.

Do you provide Audit Reports?
iMagio provides comprehensive auditing reports that are available to the customer (for their application) in real-time. These reports are available to anyone granted rights to view them by their administrator.