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Technical Information

What is scanning? Click to play.Whether you scan just a few documents or have several departments scanning hundreds of pages each day, iMagio's flexibility lets you:

Scan from your desktop

Scan from network scanners

Capture faxes

Our scanning application produces clean, high-quality images in industry standard formats for your document databases and/or to export images to a local system.

Online scanning. Scan documents, index, then automatically transmit for easy retrieval in a matter of minutes. You can do it all online. Using a workgroup communications device that connects directly to a network, workgroups of up to 50 persons can scan and send paper documents without the need for a dedicated PC.

If you process large volumes of documents you may wish to scan them, transmit, then index them at a later time. You may store batches of unindexed documents on iMagio for future processing.

Need help with indexing?
Our Document Conversion Services provides fast, highly accurate indexing. Estimates available.

iMagio lets you capture faxes and directly import them into your database for future indexing. It's great for collecting information from remote locations or customers (for example, claims processing).

Supported Image File Formats
We recommend storing images in standard TIFF CCITT Group 4 format. Depending on user security, images may also be saved to a file on the user's computer.

Export formats include:


Windows BMP


Index and Search
The power of a database is fueled by the flexibility and architecture of its fields so information can be located easily. We'll help you build an intelligent application.

Design your own custom indexes to get you started. View, resort or print documents directly from the search hit list - it's easy.

Our installation team builds your indexing application to your specification. We do all the administration.

Indexing After Transmission 
If you process large volumes of documents, you may wish to scan them, transmit into iMagio and then index them later. You can store batches of unindexed documents for processing later by iMagio.

Index Field Formats
Create custom index fields in any of the following types:




Small Money






Variable Character

Text fields may use different form controls for data entry, including:

Text Box

Combo Box

Simple List Box

Check Box

The iMagio viewer offers a powerful suite of display features, plus annotations and printing. You'll find all the traditional imaging tools within our friendly browser application.

Need to email a document image to someone? You can simply email that document directly from iMagio. Sharing information has never been easier.

Display Features:

Zoom in/out




Rubberband: drag around a section of an image, and then zoom

Thumbnail view: display multi-page documents as thumbnails, then click the thumbnail to display it full size page

Annotations, adding sticky notes or information to an image, are powerful ways to communicate changes or highlight important information. Use any of the following:






Freehand line



Sticky note



Only one user can apply annotations to an image while it is displayed.

iMagio can print documents to Windows-compatible printers.

iMagio provides transmission software specially designed for fast and reliable transmission of data over high-speed access. It's based upon the highly successful Image Envoy technology pioneered by Critical Technologies. It's field proven and touted as being in a class of its own.

iMagio includes automatic batching capabilities for optimal transmission of groups of images and index data. Each batch undergoes integrity checks before and after transmission for quality control. You can be sure your information arrives safely.

Many companies spend thousands of dollars maintaining paper files to back up documents. Save those dollars through reliable document imaging from iMagio. We store your company's data on secure servers that are continually backed up to magnetic tape and WORM optical media. Plus, we'll provide your document images and associated indexes on CD-ROM at minimal cost when your contract expires.

The safety and security of your documents at iMagio is our utmost priority. Your company administrator determines the levels of user access to documents at all stages, such as scanning, indexing and retrieval. iMagio uses multi-layered firewalls. The iMagio web site uses only secure sockets (HTTPS) with 128-bit encryption. All transmissions are encrypted.

Administering your account takes very little time and effort. We provide a simple browser-based application for set up and management. You will designate an individual as the administrator for your iMagio account.

The administrator:

Determines the iMagio repository and domain

Establishes and controls the security levels of repositories and domains

Assigns and modifies user rights

Monitors the number of users using repositories and domains 
Account - a single iMagio customer
Repository - a group of related documents with associated indexes
Domain - a group of repositories within an account

Document Conversion Services
We offer a wide variety of Document Conversion outsourcing services including:

Document imaging capture and indexing


Conversion to multiple image and word processing file formats, including PDF

Forms processing

Mail room processing

and many other processes

Outsourcing can help you

Identify costs and benefits

Reduce costs by as much as 20 to 40 percent or more

Increase throughput and responsiveness

Increase focus on core business

Improve customer service

Release assets and capital funds for re-deployment

And much more . . . 
Our state-of-the-art equipment, proven work processes, and highly skilled personnel can successfully manage any size project, from a few pages to a full back-file conversion. Our services are performed with high accuracy and exacting quality standards, all at economical prices.